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Some Interesting Facts About Gods Unchained

For players of the game, Gods Unchained is similar in some sense to Hearthstone. It is a game that you can play with the use of trading cards. If you want to play the game, you have to build your deck by purchasing card packs that contain hundreds of unique cards. When you buy card packs, all of them have the chance to have rare cards that you can add to your collection.

The Ethereum Blockchain powers Gods Unchained. The sole owners of the cards will be the player who collects them. As ERC721 tokens, the cards that you use to play the game can be purchased, sold, and traded by you so you can create a powerful deck assemble.

When you are an expert card dealer in terms of gaming, then this game is something that you should consider playing. You get the benefits of extensible and transparent playing only with Gods Unchained. It is a turn-based game that is fast in action and played by different players. You satisfy your quench for competition with their weekly tournaments. The prizes are excellent if you win from these tournaments. If you ever win the game, you will expect your success to be put on blockchain record for the rest of the players to see.

Makers of this blockchain-based card game are recently developing gameplay trailer. Game developers want to give players of the game a live-action view of it.

To house the cards you use to trade and play the game, you can use the Ethereum Blockchain and store these cards as non-fungible tokens or NFTs. The potential of this trading card game attracted a lot of big-time investors with the likes of Coinbase Ventures.

The company behind Gods Unchained is Fuel Games. Though the present conditions of the crypto market are harsh like what most crypto companies go through, the company appears to win it still over. Last July, the company sold one of its cards called the Mythic Hyperion for 146 ether. During this time, the equal amount of this price was more than $60,000.

Just days before the sale, a rare magic trading card was auctioned for the price of $87,000. Since then, Fuel has made $2.8 million sales after selling 1.6 million cards.

What makes the game more interesting now is the new video shared by Fuel Games. Now, players can enjoy what they can make do with their deck of cards. A closed beta version of the game is coming in the next few weeks. In short, the game will be stress-tested by players who have bought these cards. What follows will be three months of open-beta period that will conclude with a full game launch. You can still expect Ethereum to have a significant role to play in the game. Due to the fact that cards live as NFTs on the blockchain, players will never get the chance to undermine the cards deliberately.

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